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Feedback about Midland Glass

Matt Grobel (Superintendent) at Shingobee wrote a fantastic feedback about Midland Glass and their employees.

“Hello Alex; I am writing to thank you for the excellent product and service that your team provided for Shingobee at this project. All the production and installation were top notch and completed as quickly as possible, exactly what we needed on this difficult remodel. Jim was always available, prioritized the job and made many site visits to control the timing, execution and quality control. And as always, he a is considerate and cooperative fellow to work with and his knowledge is as good as it gets. Andre and his crew, State Glass, were on site when needed, cooperated to the fullest, did a grade “A” installation while always practicing safe working methods. To see Midland on my sub list always pleases me and takes much of the site management burden off my shoulders. Again, thank you very much, I sincerely look forward to future projects together. Best regards…”

Matt Grobel

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