Midland Glass

Midland Glass now does Fiberglass!

Midland Glass teams up with Yudah Amit to lead the Fiberglass division.

staff_yudahFrom 1982 through 1989, Yudah Amit owned a company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he built boats and spas. In 1990, Yudah started a Fiberglass company in Sandusky, Ohio called Amitelli Products, where he consulted and made products for a variety of companies. For example, Yudah made Fiberglass enclosures for waste water pumps for Gorman-Rupp, a company located in Mansfield, Ohio. These enclosures, which included the doors and electrical work, averaged in size at about 12’x 24′ x 11′ high. For another company, Acme Gridley, Yudah made custom designed screw machine covers.

Through Amitelli Products, Yudah also did a lot of work for Amusement Parks such as Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, Busch Gardens in Florida, Disney World, and three Six Flags locations in Maryland, Colorado, and New England. For Universal Studios, he developed and built 24 rafts that carry up to 12 people on a water ride called Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges. Yudah built the same style rafts for Busch Gardens and all three Six Flags locations. For Disney World, he made bumper cars that looked like the caterpillar from the movie A Bug’s Life. In addition, over the last six years Yudah has been working with Disney on developing a new water Raft.

In the past two years, Yudah has developed a new way of making water filters for Pentair Water. These new filters replaced the previously used Stark filters. Lastly, with Midland Glass Yudah is currently working to develop a water strainer for pool pumps for Pentair.

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