Exceptional Glazing Solutions

 At Midland Glass, we are a team of industry professionals equipped with a 60,000 sq.-ft. warehouse stocked with storefront, curtainwall, doors, hardware, glass, and other unique glazing systems to help us provide a wide range of glazing solutions. Today, Aaron Ugorets leads the company and remains committed to upholding our core values while continuing to drive growth and find efficient solutions for our customers. Trust us to deliver exceptional results in a timely fashion thanks to our years of experience and ready-to-go solutions.

Whether it’s a sleek storefront, an eye-catching all-glass solution, or a stunning curtain wall, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life. Our focus on collaboration and communication means that we work closely with our clients every step of the way, from initial design to final installation.

Our Proud History

Midland Glass is a family-owned glazing contractor and aluminum fabricator that specializes in commercial glazing solutions. Our founder, Alex Ugorets, started the company in 1988 with a focus on providing personalized service to the Twin Cities metro area. Since then, we’ve built a strong reputation for developing lasting relationships with our customers and delivering timely service without compromising on quality.

At Midland, we believe that glass is more than just a building material – it’s a way to transform spaces and create unforgettable experiences. We look forward to working with you to bring your glazing dreams to life.

Our TEAM + Culture

At Midland Glass Company, we place great importance on maintaining a positive and respectful culture. We strive to foster diversity, promote collaboration and teamwork, and celebrate the individual contributions and accomplishments of each employee. We believe that by treating our employees fairly and with dignity, we can create a supportive and productive environment that benefits everyone.


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